Stoking fear within the citizenry…

Dictators (and governments, in general) often use fear as a means of controlling the population. A population that is scared is more easily controlled (see the passage of the “USA PATRIOT Act” after 9/11), as it is human nature to seek out some type of “protection”—which dictators offer in the form of themselves as a “strongman.”

This is precisely what Trump just did with his made-up weekend ICE raids.

The roundups were expected to take place in several cities across the United States and target more than 2,000 family members living in the United States[.]

Trump knows he is holding a weak hand going into 2020, so he’s starting to play every single card in the authoritarian playbook: deny the power of co-equal branches of government (outright ignoring Congressional subpoenas as well as Judicial rulings requiring the disclosure of financial documents to Congress, while citing “absolute imminity” from testifying for White House aides), stoke fear within the citizenry by threatening mass ICE deportations, and possibly inciting a war with Iran in a classic “wag the dog” maneuver.

The best means of protection against losing our Democracy is awareness. If the people of the United States recognize these actions for what they are—attempts by a weak President to assert more control than he has been Constitutionally granted—and go so far as to let their elected representatives in Congress know how they feel, it’s possible Trump may not make it to the 2020 election at all, as the RNC may decide it is best to nominate someone else.

I, for one, would like to know which members of Congress would still support this “President” after all the facts have been presented in an impeachment inquiry—both in the House and the Senate. I think many Americans would be curious to know the same, but unless House Demorats actually move forward with an official impeachment inquiry yesterday, the White House is just going to work to “run out the clock.”

I get the feeling Speaker Pelosi is doing the same. 😠

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