Social Media dApps Worth Checking Out

I’ve been keeping a list of (newer) blockchain-based social media sites that I can personally recommend checking out. Bonus: none of them are Facebook or Twitter. ♥‿♥

  • Kuende – very much in the same vein as a “Facebook,” but with some cool gamification elements meant to engage users both online and offline.
    • Desktop site includes a media player (why doesn’t every social media site have this!?) and the iOS app (can’t speak for Android; sorry) is functional, performant, relatively full-featured, and has a very unique UI element called the “Kstick” that makes navigation a breeze!
    • Unfortunately, 360°/“VR” photos/videos do not render correctly on the site. But, they don’t on the “major” social networks either, unless you use FB just right.
    • Earn crypto for contributions.
  • Minds – Likely the most “polished” of the “Facebook replicas.” Includes Blogs, Groups, and Status Updates.
    • Desktop site and iOS mobile app both work very well, based upon brief testing.
    • Animated GIFs uploaded to the site display correctly; however, still no love for 360°/“VR” media.
    • Earn crypto for contributions.
  • Sapien – Feels, to me, very much like Steemit, but with more “social” features (i.e., status updates. This is not a bad thing.) Besides posting content directly on-site, you can also share a link to another site (so you can link directly to Google Photos to get your “VR” working!) or take a poll.
    • No mobile app for iOS (at least, none that I could find.)
    • 360°/“VR” posted on-site still doesn’t work; one has to link to another off-site host (such as Google Photos.)
    • Earn crypto for contributions.
  • Sociall – Arguably the most “Twitter”-like of all the dApps listed here.
    • Desktop site and iOS mobile app are both very simple and straightforward; very fitting for the site.
    • Animated GIFs do not work when posted to the site, but it is possible for a post to include a link external to the site, similar to Sapien.
    • No crypto rewards at this time.
  • Sphere Social – another Facebook-esque site. IMO, not quite as well-designed as Kuende, and lacks that platform’s “gamification” elements.
    • Mobile app seems to work fine, but isn’t anything special.
    • 360°/“VR” photos/videos also do not render properly.
    • Earn crypto for contributions.
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